Imagine the atmosphere in the morning above the surface of the sea without moisture where salt aerosol is creating with the help of sun and wind.

Salt therapy:

  • improves well-being, improves overall health and strengthens body's resistance,
  • releases mental and muscle tension,
  • strengthens resistance to stress,
  • eliminates and reduces chronic tiredness,
  • facilitate secretion of mucus and easier coughing,
  • has a beneficial effect for respiratory problems and skin and can significantly relieve these problems.

Effects on humans are beneficial. It's beneficial to the well-being of healthy people and is suitable for asthmatics, people with frequent colds and similar problems.

As it cleans and disinfect the respiratory tract, they are also recommended to:

  • Recreational and top athletes before and after strenuous competitions,
  • Smokers to alleviating cough,
  • All people with preventive care for their body,
  • All people who want to momentarily escape from the stress and relax in the pleasant atmosphere of salt rooms.

PREGNANT WOMEN: Salt therapy is very beneficial for pregnant women because it activates lymphatic system and excesses the extra water from the body; therefore it's an excellent preventive. There were no negative responses. A pregnant woman may be accompanied by a child who attends salt therapy.

Therapy is not a substitute for medication. Salt therapy is carried out explicitly for relaxation of people, gives power and are beneficial to the people. Health treatments are taken care by doctors, and the medical community.

Based on the programs we have and adapt to each visitor depending on the body's response to specific salt therapy, the negative side effects are very minimal or non-existent. In the case of large quantities of fresh mucus in the respiratory system can be increased mucus secretion through the nose or in the form of cough. Therefore, it takes a few treatments to cleanse the respiratory tract mucus secretion and stop it, or the secretion is minimal.


Salt therapy with help of inhalation and exposure body to dry aerosol of natural rock salt and other factor micro clime, disinfects and cleans respiratory system and skin. Care and hygiene of these are created in the adapted places, salt rooms.

Dry concentration of salt aerosol and other working factors, is set in relation to the therapeutic parameters, and to an individual. We create it with the help of Halogenerator, who blows dry aerosol of natural rock salt in the therapeutic space systematically, which is produced with a strong mechanical stress on the salt crystals. The parts of dry aerosol get high surface energy and the negative electric charge. Dry aerosol due to the physical and chemical abilities of the salt has got a good absorbency and by inhalation, it effectively spread across all of the respiratory system and through the skin surface of the body. In salt room we create an atmosphere where the content of salt in the air is much stronger than the atmosphere in natural salt caves and mines at sea. Since salt has an anti-inflammatory effect, it cleans and disinfects respiratory system and skin.



Salt therapy is carried out in the salt room, which is completely surrounded by a layer of salt and peaceful ambience area with meditation music.

In addition to a beneficial effect on the body are also recommended for people who need quality rest and relaxation, because the walls of the salt therapy room completely separated from disturbing external factors (noise, radiation ...). Therapies have a positive effect on the nervous, mental and emotional state man.

Salt therapies are completely natural and are suitable for all people from the age of 6 months.

Salt room has been used by modern science successfully to copy the atmosphere climate as we find in natural salt caves, mines, and the sea. Therefore the exposure to the organism in our salt rooms is completely safe.

However, since salt therapy can influence the course of any of your treatment, you are advised to talk with your doctor, before visiting a salt room.



Visits of the salt rooms or treatments are carried out according to the wishes of the individual, required prior booking of appointment and interview with the client. Visit salt rooms may be individual or in pairs. The time of a single visit to the salt room is for adults 40 min, for children 20 min. We recommend a minimum of 12 visits to individual therapies.

The salt used for treatment is called medical salt and has its needed certificate.

Employees that will be doing salt treatments have gone through education at the company Grajska vrata d.o.o. - Solni tempelj and gives us continual professional assistance and cooperation. Solni tempelj has been operating successfully in the development of salt therapies both domestically and around the world for ten years and its centres have performed more than 30,000 treatments of salt therapy. They are performers for salt therapies and the manufacture of salt rooms across Slovenia and Europe.


During salt therapy you would be using the protective hood, protective gowns and protective footwear. For children it is more enjoyable if you get dressed at home in a clean long sock, shirt with short or long sleeves. You bring fresh socks with you and put them on before entering the salt room.



Every child up to 10 years attending salt therapy is accompanied by one adult person which has a free entrance. In the case of the other parent will be charged € 5 / therapy.

The treatment takes 20 minutes

1 child ..... 11 € / therapy

2 children .... 17 € / therapy

Restoring immune system for healthy children - 60 minutes. Free for both parents (1 or 2 children)

1 or 2 children .... 22 € / therapy


Treatment lasts 40 minutes

1 person ......... 16 € / therapy

2 persons .......... 27 € / therapy


The inhalation of salt aerosols during the salt treatment activates processes of purifying the toxins from our physical body and releases it. Treatment lasts 60 minutes.

1 person ....... 26 € / therapy

2 persons ....... 37 € / therapy

All treatments are carried out in advance and arranged appointment on the GSM 031 664 253 Natalija.

Prices include VAT.

Prices are valid from 15th of April 2017 onwards.

For those who would like to donate to your loved ones a salt therapy, detox or relax body, we invite you to call us for a GIFT CERTIFICATE.


  • The purchase of 5 treatments of salt therapy, you get 1 free salt therapy,

  • The purchase of 10 treatments of salt therapy, you get 2 free salt therapies.


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